4 Ways To “Hack” Your Thinking

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Unproductive thinking… Spinning your wheels…Tossing and turning…

Call it what you want, we as a society have a problem with thinking. Our society, and especially the Millennial generation, is more data-saturated than ever before. Through the internet and social media we have access to more information than at any point in history. This creates massive information overload, and can cripple effective thinking.

Why You Need to “Hack” Your Thinking

If you’re trying to launch or scale a business, you have to be able to quickly and effectively use information. If you’re trying to develop a consulting or coaching career, you have to be able to help your clients use and apply information. If you can’t assimilate and synthesize information effectively, the business world will leave you behind.

Simply put, you’ve got to know how to think better

Sharpening your thinking skills is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Being able to think better will bear immediate fruit and increase your success exponentially.

Here are FOUR ways to “hack” your thinking to become a more effective, active leader.

1. Think About Your Thinking

I wrote a much longer and more detailed post about this one already, but I’m going to say it again: Metacognition, the process of understanding your framework for thought, is the #1 most important skill that you can apply to your mental habits to become more successful. Changing your thinking patterns will change your life. Being able to identify logical hangups and other mental inconsistencies will help you lose them.

2. Change Your Locus of Control

Internal self-motivation beats external motivation any day. Unlock your inner potential to succeed and you’ll never have to worry about feeling unmotivated or blah about work again. In every situation, there are internal and external forces at work. Frame your thinking such that you look for the internal forces first and foremost. That’s what gives entrepreneurs the staying power and will to dominate that guarantees their success.

3. Establish a Thinking Routine

Messy thinking is useless thinking. Make it a priority to apply order to your thinking. Whether that means cleaning your mental house by establishing a written record of your thoughts, or finding ways that enable your thinking to be more linear and directed, identify the way you think best, and then concentrate on creating that environment for yourself to think in.

4. Use Your Network

Innovation and creativity happen in community. Having other viewpoints and frames of reference creates the environment for innovation. Opening your thinking up to others’ input will enhance your success rate. Shutting others down, or working in a vacuum will make your life many times harder, and may even result in failure.

“Hacking” Your Thinking will Help Your Business Thrive

In this day and age, being able to quickly process and use information is more important than ever. The unparalleled access to information means that sifting through and thinking critically about that information is vital to success. Without that ability, your thinking will be crippled. If you engage these hacks to increase the effectiveness of your thought processes, you will see immediate results and success in your life and work.

Do you struggle with staying focused and prioritizing your business? Leave your questions in the comments below!

Originally published at www.truetoast.com on November 19, 2017.

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