Great insights Ian! I too am on the Medium journey but like you I started as a reader waaay before I thought about writing on the platform. And I think that’s why I’m now writing here too: Medium is one of the few online places I’ve found that cares equally about both their readers and their writers. Look at the massive diversity in styles and topics and you’ll find that Medium is a place that truly allows people like us to be passionate about whatever we want and then to share that passion with others.

The other day I saw an article that referred to Medium as a social media platform and initially I was offended…this is not just another twitter or Facebook, I thought! But then it occurred to me that maybe what Ev Williams and the Medium Staff are doing here is actually truer to the term “social media” than a lot of other platforms. And I have found community here, a place for thinkers and writers to COME TOGETHER. If that’s not “social media” I don’t know what is!!

So keep it up Ian, and welcome to one of the last refuges of free thinking and independent writing on the Internet!

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