Hi Ron,

I read this post and your post from yesterday and it seems like both of them reveal a little cultural bias targeting millennials specifically. Which is understandable if the majority of millennials that you’ve encountered are the denim-on-denim wearing, craft beer drinking wannabes. We certainly have those types around. I would bet, though, that you’ve also encountered some denim-on-denim wearing, domestic drinking baby boomer wannabes too…see, And it’s not a generational thing so much as it is a personality thing. There’s bad eggs in every basket. And if your goal by writing this is to encourage and motivate a young entrepreneur to succeed, then great, and carry on!

However, I don’t pick up on that from your posts. The very fact that you conjure of the picture of your “young entrepreneur” showing up for an interview and listing an app he/she designed on his/her resume assumes one thing: that they are entrepreneurial FAILURES and thus must re-enter the 9-to-5 world. That makes the title of your post, and the attitude of your post come across as a bit more misleading and possibly even a shade patronizing. I’m sure that wasn’t your intention, at all, but it did come across a bit that way, at least to this millennial.

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