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“To be a Virginian, either by birth, adoption, marriage, or even on one’s Mother’s side; is a passport to any state in the Union, and a Benediction from above.” ~Anonymous

The Commonwealth fostered a nation. In the cradle of Virginia, a country was born. From the rolling hills of Virginia came four of the first five Presidents of the United States. In Virginia was the birthplace of revolution and the deathbed of slavery. The greatest Americans and poorest immigrants alike have called Virginia home.

This country has no room for the tyranny of “unlike”; no space for the self-made cathedrals of color or creed. This nation, formed in the foothills of my home state, Virginia, was “conceived in liberty; dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

Virginia has no room for hatred, bigotry and a misbegotten way of life.

Writing about life, leadership, money and business.

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