Three Productivity Tools You Need for #NaNoWriMo

It’s time to overcome the tyranny of the blank page!

This month is your time to shine. This month, your novel WILL get written. Maybe you’ve participated in multiple NaNoWriMos before. Maybe this is only the latest in series of successes for you. If so, great!

But what if your computer screen looks like this:

ugh…need more coffee!

If this is what’s confronting you today, I’m here to help! The secret to writing, whether it’s a novel or a blog post, is to simply DO IT. If the first 12 pages of your novel suck, at least you’ve written 12 pages. So, to help set you on the path to writing, I’ve rounded up a few of my personal favorite productivity tools to help you drown out the noise, organize and catalog your thoughts, and — most importantly — just start writing.

1. Hemingway App

Hemingway App is the tool I go to the most when it comes to writing. Its simple, clean interface, and concise editing directions function as almost a second set of eyes for me to see my writing through the lense of another reader. Whether I’m writing a 1000 word blog post, or plugging away at a longer article, throwing chunks of my words into Hemingway and seeing the results helps keep me focused not only on what I’m saying, but how effectively I’m saying it.

2. Now Novel

Now Novel is a great place to organize, categorize, and lay out systematically the various sections of your novel. In addition, their blog and resource guide has a fantastic assortment of tips, tricks, and hacks, all geared toward helping you sit down and start cranking out words. Best of all, Now Novel’s dashboard features an editable checklist so you can visually track your progress at a glance. Makes goal-setting so much easier!

3. A Distraction-Free Writing Environment

This is the big one. And I don’t just mean a quiet room, with minimal interference. I mean take a LONG HARD LOOK at your digital writing environment, too! How many emails are popping up while you’re trying to write? How many windows do you have open on your browser in the tray? How many times do you stop and switch from your word processor of choice to another screen? Come to that, take a look at your word processor interface itself: Are you forever being distracted from writing words by messing with fonts, and margins, and the other clutter that exists in the periphery of so many programs these days (looking at you, MS Word). Remember, the secret to writing is to write. If you’re not writing words, you’re not writing. Choosing the perfect symbol to decorate your chapter headings is not writing. Deciding whether you want a sans serif font is not writing.

Writing is writing, and that is what you must free up time, space, and mental energy for!

I wish you all the best of success this month. Happy NaNoWriMo to all!

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