What a time for this article to come out, Shannon Ashley! I literally just finished writing an article about my own “going all on” on Medium, and made the same observation: Everybody’s got their own right way to “do” Medium, and different writers, and different pubs, want different things. Not many people are solely, 100% “medium people” and a lot of folks do use medium as just one channel among many, but every now and then, the social aspect of this platform does rear its ugly little head and we’re reminded that there are a few folks here and there who feel like Medium is a competition for who can get the most eyeballs, and who’s the bigger “influencer.”

Everybody says if you have haters it means you’re doing something right, but that negates the reality that being hated on sucks. Keep doing you, and don’t listen to anybody else’s misplaced inner critic who mistook your taking a different path for their own failure to differentiate themselves from the herd.

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