Writing on a Tropical Island is Exactly As Awesome As I Thought it Would Be

Or, Why You Should Write In Different Places

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This is my view today. And it’s inspiring.

A lot of my writing is focused on sharing wisdom or things I’ve learned about my particular passion, personal leadership and business psychology. Sometimes, my writing is more journalistic. And sometimes, like today, it’s just a way to be more in the moment.

I’ve spent a long time using the written word, whether I’m reading it or writing it, as a form of escape. But my challenge to myself in 2017 is to use the written word to be more fully engaged in the moment. For me, that doesn’t usually mean a typical “dear diary” entry. It means a) taking stock of my surroundings and b) taking stock of my innermost thoughts. Putting those two together serves as the record of how I spent my time.

So today, as I’m writing this from a tropical island, and feeling the salt air and smelling the palm trees all around me, let me encourage you to take a second, observe and truly Be Present In your surroundings, and then take a moment and write.

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